The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Two in One

Typically, you get restless waiting on new material. However, today I am patiently sitting in the waiting area of the Plainsboro Surgical Hospital waiting for my friend to get out of surgery. She is having surgery on her ankle, because it is not healing properly after a walking accident during Orientation. She basically did the same thing that I did in high school when I broke my ankel/foot by standing up on it while it was asleep.

Anyway, the result of this down time is that I wrote a post about the library AND am going to share a few thinks with you that contain information/words that I think everyone should read/hear.

Here’s one that pretty closely echos some of my frustrations with the Shutdown and also convicted me to claim the whole body of Christ, not just the parts and people I like. The only way to change the way people view the Church is the change the parts of the Church that don’t live up to Jesus’ teaching.

And here’s some Shutdown humor. Part 1 and part 2.

How about one for those young women who forget they are amazing?

And one for the men.

Here’s a few things I think women should consider reading.

And a poem that I think demonstrates a wide array of things that young women are wrongly being taught.

I share/ have shared a lot of this stuff on Facebook, but this is an insight into the kinds of things I am passionate about. Tada!



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