The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.


Always Sunny In Philadelphia…

…That may be so, but it is not so here at Central. Our weather has been all over the place. Today was a rather nice day; however, it was a bit on the brisk side. Be that as it may, it was a fine day here on campus.

I was just thinking to myself a few days ago that I really ought write a post, but that there really wasn’t anything spectacular or ground breaking to post on. A variety of things pop into my head throughout the week that I think might make a good post, but by the time I get to a computer the thought is gone.

This week, however, I have been pushed to the keyboard.

This evening I experienced something that was not earth-shattering, but that doesn’t happen all that frequently. Think back to the summer I started this blogging journey, think far back to the beginning. At that time most of my postings were about an afternoon program I was running for children K-3, a program called The Caretakers’ Club.

Ah, yes! I can practically see your eyes growing large with the memory. 😉

Well this is Christian Perspectives Week here at Central and this evening we hosted the Fleer Lecture. The speaker was a wonderful woman, Rev. Rebekah Simon-Peter, and it just so happens that she authored and co-authored two of the books I used for The Caretakers’ Club!

It’s just not every day that you meet the author of the curriculum you use for one of these things. Besides that, her lecture really has the potential to light a fire under the feet of the people here to become more environmentally friendly as a part of our stewardship obligations! It was a really cool experience, to say the least.

Another cool thing happened this evening! I had somewhat fallen out of contact with my dear old penpal, you may know him as DinoMan. Well this evening when I jumped on here to finally write up a post, I had a comment waiting from him! Good thing too, because I had lost his email address! He’s been on my heart a lot lately, he and DinoGirl both, and I’m really glad to be back in touch with him.

In other news, I’m doing well. Life is a little crazy and it’s not always rainbows and unicorns, but it’s pretty good. I’m working on getting my applications in to seminaries, right now I’m waiting on some financial things to line up. That all makes me a little stressed, but I’m on track to graduate, so that’s something!

I’ve got a really good group of friends that are really making the difference in my life right now. I need to work on a few of those relationships, but I’m not falling apart anymore.

That is one thing I’d really like to work on as I embark on the next stage in my life. I’d like to be more emotionally stable. Yeah, I do alright, but in the course of the past four years, I’ve been a rollercoaster! And what makes me cringe is that my highs and lows are often a result of, even if not directly, my relationship status. I would like to find more of my identity within myself and within Christ. Not to toot my own horn, but it feels like I might finally be thinking like an adult.

I certainly FEEL like an adult with the way my schedule looks. Just to keep you in the loop, I’m now taking 17 credit hours(which includes Major Readings/Senior Project), working 19 a week, am on Service Scholars, and am running ΣAI. I’m learning some real problem solving skills as well as conflict resolution techniques. It’s exhausting most of the time, but I think I’m well on my way for being prepared for Grad School. My dad actually said the other day, “Welcome to adulthood!” And yeah, he was being pretty sarcastic, but it also kind of seemed like a compliment. 🙂



Going To The Chapel

*sings* Goin’ to the chapel and their gonna get ma-a-arried!


Today is THE DAY! Dinoman and his lovely bride are to be married today and I can’t express my excitement enough! Li’l ol’ me has to go about her school day today like nothing is new while the lovebirds are out west tying the knot. My classmates have already been asking what’s got into me.

This week I’ve been a bit on the moody side. Moody isn’t exactly what’s been going on, actually. If I’m going to be honest, I’d have to tell you that I’ve been an emotional train wreck. There have been moments, even days, that all I feel like doing is crying. For no real reason. Wednesday I was in the car headed to a friend’s place in CoMo when a song came on the stereo that reminded me of my grandfather and I started crying. He’s been gone for over 10 years now. Yeah, it’s still sad, but not to the point where I should be bawling in my car.

And yesterday, yesterday I was fine until about 4pm. Then I was angry at everyone and everything. Some of the things I was upset about are legitimate concerns. My roommate and I are having some issues. Or maybe I should put it this way, I’m having some issues with my roommate. She never cleans. Anything. I have washed and folded laundry(both of ours) twice in the last week. Her folded laundry is still sitting around the room in various piles. She just moves it when she needs to get around it. Also, those dirty dishes in the sink, not mine.

When I get stressed out and emotional, I clean and organize. She laughs at me. Honestly, I think she could learn a thing or two.

ANYWAY! The point of this post(I swear) was to celebrate Dinoman’s big day, not complain about my life. I just mean to get this point across: Today I have been smiley and bubbly and singing happy songs as I cruise down the walkway. THAT is how stoked I am for you, Dinoman.

The two of you are going to have a wonderful life together. Sure, there will be some hard times, but it’s like you always tell me: The goods make the bads so very worth it. The good will out-weigh the bad in the end.

Cherish her as I’m sure she’ll cherish you. My very best for the both of you, friend.

Your kindasorta adopted sister,