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Enter The Nerdmate

It’s been far too long since my last post and I’m very sorry for that, but things here are going exceedingly well and for the first time in quite a while I’m busy living my life and being happy.

There’s a new player to the game, The NerdMate, and he is fantastic. The last few days we’ve been spending time together and talking more and more. It started last Friday after Induction. A group of us were hanging out and the gang was teasing about my new Frat Daughter being “A Miracle Jesus Baby.” A couple of the guys were trying to set me up with The Nerdmate to be my frat husband and it worked. The Nerdmate and I said our I Do’s and now we are a happy little family.

So The Nerdmate and I start talking, just general get to know you kind of conversation and the more I find out about him the more I realize we have in common. It’s insane the number of shared interests we have. We talked about books and gaming and music, it turns out that we are nerdy in all the same ways. Which I thought was impossible. He would text me asking how my day was and how class was going, and at some point along the way I started to hope that his interest in me was more than just as his Greek wife.

It got the point where we were talking every moment that we could. Thursday I even sat with him at lunch. Friday I had what for me was an incredibly brave moment and asked him if he was going to the Stedman movie that night. He said he hadn’t made any plans and I asked if he’d like to go. He said yes. It’s difficult to describe how awesome Friday night was. There were a lot of little things that went into it that made it spectacular that just sound silly unless you were the two of us.

Afterward I asked if it had been a date and his response was better than a yes. He said, “ummm…. Well, I wouldn’t consider that a date, but it would make my day if you would let me take you on one.”

I’m not sure I’ve stopped smiling since.Yesterday we talked all day and had dinner together(just in the caf, but it was still together) and made plans for what we’re going to do on this date of ours. Dinner and then our own personal movie night. I can’t wait.

Today, today was just perfect. We spent the day together. I went to his room and we both worked on homework(Yes, we legitimately worked on homework). We also spent a good deal of time looking at my astronomy star chart. He was making fun of the constellations and we just had a lot of fun. It sounds dumb, but he just makes me laugh so much. My favorite part of today was probably when he I started to explain how to use it and he joined me there on the floor.

When homework was finished(His not mine. I was way too wrapped up in what was going on to be able to focus on school), we just talked. We spent roughly five hours just talking, getting to know each other a little better. There was very little physical contact between the two of us, and it was almost more intimate that way. I’ve never been in a relationship like this. Nothing is official, he’s not my boy friend and I’m not his girl friend(But let me tell you: I’m not opposed to those options). I guess this is what people call dating? I think? That’s the thing, I realized I’ve never “dated” anyone. I don’t feel like The Nerdmate is in any hurry to define what we are, we really are just taking it one day at a time and it is so nice that way. I don’t feel like I’m under any pressure and yet I know I have this amazing guy there for me.

People have been asking all weekend what’s different about me. I don’t know what to tell them other than my smiling is finally finding it’s way back into my eyes. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m not saying that The Nerdmate has brought me happiness, only you can grant yourself permission to be happy, but I AM happy. Even if things don’t work out the way I necessarily want them too, I have a feeling that he and I are going to become very good friends. We’re just to similar for it to be any other way.



Good Blogging Weather

On days like today, when it has managed to snow nonstop for the last 18hours and there is about 10inches on the ground, I just want to stay tucked up in bed with my nice fuzzy(and yes, polka dotted) blanket, computer, iPod, and book close at hand, and not have to step foot outside unless I suddenly feel the desire to have a snowball fight or go sledding. But no, classes were not canceled, which kind of amazes me, because in Missouri they cancel school for a dusting.

ANYWAY, we’re not going to talk about the weather, because for the first time in my existence(I can’t be sure on that, but I’m pretty sure) I’m upset about snow.  I didn’t make it to KC on Tuesday and darn it, if I don’t make it to KC tomorrow evening, I’m going to be very upset. Partially, because I’m going to run out of food I can eat, which would be no bueno no matter how you spin it.

Ok, done with weather talk.

Life is good. I honestly don’t have a lot to say. Classes are going well. I think my World Religions Today is going to be my favorite this semester, which seems strange considering our focus is Religious Violence: Myth or Fact. It’s fascinating stuff! I never realized that, as violent as people think religion makes you, most wars in modern history are political wars, matters of State, but no one finds that odd… hmmm. There will be more posts on this topic in the months to come, I’m just sure of it.

I also am really enjoying Astronomy, despite the fact that last night I was pretty sure I was going to lose toes due to frostbite. I’m now going to share with you my favorite things from lecture last night:

Science is bound by rules, where Religion is not. Scientists must be able to test hypothesis, Religion cannot necessarily test it’s teachings.

Because light travels at a finite speed, the farther out you look, the farther back in time you see.

Ok, I started this post a few days ago and had to run off to do something and this is the first time I’ve really had to sit at my computer since. I have SO MUCH to post about, but I really need to catch some Zs, so I’ll post tomorrow hopefully. Have wonderful weekends, all!


So Much For Planning

The was to get up this morning, go to my 8:30, be very studious, get out about 9:45, hop in the car with my mother and drive to KC for my appointment with the nutritionist, find out how much weight I’ve lost and have a BMI done, drop kit and paperwork off at Vector, replenish supplement supplies and pick up things I had left behind, drive back to school.

Turns out, just because you plan ahead and have it all worked out, doesn’t mean that is what is going to happen. I woke at 7am to a call from my mother saying that BabyBro and LittleSis didn’t have school, because the roads on The Hill are covered with ice. Her exact words: “It just isn’t worth it.”

Thanks for the ego boost, Mom...

What really gets me is that the high schoolers who were out of school because of this dreadful ice didn’t seem to have a problem driving around on it. Also, there wasn’t ANYTHING on the roads here, so I’m having a difficult time being sympathetic. She could have at least let me bring the scale with me to school, you know, the one that I bought… Gr.

Needless to say, my day started off pretty dimly, but I forced myself to keep my chin up. So what if I have NO IDEA how the weight loss has gone this week. So what if I have NO IDEA what the results of my lab work last week are. So what if I did’t get my BMI done today… Right? Gr. Ok, i’m going to be happy again. 🙂 See? I can do it.

I DID feel good about our SAI Executive Board meeting today. I got everything figured out for my reports for meeting on Thursday, we’re on schedule for Induction on Friday, and I felt all around accomplished. Go me!

Ok, I promised a post about the boy… well, boys.

See what I mean? New and different situation that I’ve never been in before with a whole new set of rules that I have to figure out how to navigate! This is good, though. I feel good.

1) L.A.

I love him. He’s my best friend and besties tend to love each other, right? But where is the line between love for a best friend and love for a partner and have we crossed it at some point and not recognized it as such? We both have issues, both physically and mentally. We’re both working on these things, but can we overcome them? Should we even try? What about his confusion? How do I encourage him in “us” without being pushy or expectant? Things are really great with us right now and I don’t necessarily want to risk upsetting that. I want him to continue to feel comfortable telling me anything and everything. I love talking to him and he always knows how to make me smile. He has developed this sweet side that I’ve never seen before. Is that something everyone sees or just me?

2) Alabama

Alabama is new to this particular playing field. He and I also went to high school together and is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever known. He’s always sweet and there is definitely flirtation happening, the thing is that he flirts with a lot of people and it doesn’t necessarily mean anything. If things were to develop with Alabama, it would be another difficult situation, because he’s in the Army and is currently at AIT in, you guessed it, Alabama. He’s also doing bomb type things and his expected lifetime is INCREDIBLY short and I just don’t know how to handle knowing that. I do like him, but it’s going to be a while before we know if there’s anything there.

3) The Bad Boy

He probably IS bad news, but there is an attraction there that I can’t really explain. He’s definitely not my usual, that is for sure. Just about every person I’ve talked to about this situation says he’s only in it for one thing, sex, but I think there just might be more on his mind. There is, however, a bit of a situation between him and Neighbor#1. He has liked her for a long time, but she says there’s nothing there. It basically sucks. What I don’t get is that when he was feeling down the other night, he didn’t text her, he text me. The advantage to The Bad Boy is that he lives on campus, he is in fact the next dorm hall over. He’s also involved in the Conservatory and is a ΦMA.

I’ve never had multiple guys like me, let alone been “talking” to them all. Granted, I’m not sure you can call what L.A. and I do “talking.” Nevertheless, I’m excited and curious to see where it all goes. And now you know! Which was the whole point of all of that.

Have a good evening, everyone!



Avoiding Homework…The Glories of College

Yes, I’m being an awful student and avoiding all the reading that I should be getting done. No, I haven’t spent my three day weekend working on it like I should have. Oops. 🙂 The Roommate is gone until next Saturday and I’ve kind of been avoiding spending time alone in my room.

I DID spend my weekend, well part of my weekend, practicing for the Induction that I, as the new Vice President of Ritual, have a huge part in. We had our first rehearsal this evening and it ran pretty smoothly for our first real go at it. Tomorrow’s will be even better, I just know it!

I spent the Saturday part of my weekend at the Rockbridge Showchoir Festival. Loads of fun. If you’re into vocal music at all, you should go to at least ONE competition in your life. They were my favorite part of being in highschool. Turns out, I still love it. I miss showchoir so much, but it was neat to see how far my girls, Hilltop Harmony(my old choir and LittleSis’s current choir), have come. Let me tell you, they were working it! Their theme this year is Vegas and it was completely awesome. They kicked butt and took names too! I was so proud, especially of LittleSis. I can’t wait to see them perform again at Battle Of The Best next weekend on The Hill.

The rest of the weekend has been fairly uneventful, but with really good things thrown in. I’ll have to write a post about the boy situation soon. It’s gotten quite interesting. I’m playing by a whole new set of rules that I’ve never had a use for before. It feels nice.

Tomorrow I have my weekly appointment with the nutritionist. I’m VERY excited! I don’t want to tell you how much I’ve lost until next week, just after the one month mark, but it’s been significant already. I’m working really hard and I’ve found that I actually really enjoy working out. You know that thing they call “runner’s high?” I think I hit that for the first time tonight, but on the bike, if that’s possible. All I know is that I did 6.5 miles and felt like I could do more, but wanted to make sure I could walk tomorrow. Haha! It felt really awesome and I had a really good stretch afterwords. I just can’t wait to find out where I’m at in the weight loss plan tomorrow!


Vice President of Ritual and Fraternity Education Officer

Big titles right? Yeah, I thought so too and now they belong to me for the current semester. It’s a HUGE responsibility and it’s going to take a lot of work considering I’m already Co-Morale Officer and Service Officer for SAI, but I’m totally thrilled about the opportunity! This means that while my FratMama will be the one leading the Members In Training through their training period, I will be the one leading them through their induction and initiation ceremonies. How cute is it that FratMama and I are the two Vice Presidents? Look at us doin’ big things!

I will also be, as Fraternity Education Officer, responsible for enhancing the current members and the MITs understanding of what SAI means and what it means to be an SAI. Like I said, I’m stoked. The Roommate is ready to shoot me for adding one more thing to my schedule, but I know I can handle this. I am a little nervous about the memorization, induction is next Friday and I was just installed last night, but I used to memorize all the time for Rainbow and Job’s, so I think I can manage.

Speaking of Job’s, last night when the nominees were doing our little speeches about why we’d be good for the job, I was asked how i was with memorizing lines and I mentioned theatre stuff and Rainbow and Job’s and it turns out that Dr. Hamel used to be in Job’s Daughters! I was excited and we had a moment and it was all very exciting. She was all “I am a Past Honored Queen, thank you!” and I laughed a lot. I love that woman.

This post is all kinds of off the wall, because I’m having a really good morning, so bear with me.

This diet thing is going really well. I’ve never loved working out before, but I find I like it more every time. Being constantly surrounded by the smells of food is new and different and it has made it a little harder, but I’m doing really well. I think a big part of it is that I am already able to see the difference. My face has slimmed ever so slightly, as has my torso. Now, most people on campus can’t tell the difference, but they see me everyday. I sent a photo to BigSis yesterday and she said she could see the difference. I can’t wait to see the difference a month from now, two months from now, what my family will say when I see them next Thanksgiving, next Christmas. I’ve always been a big girl, so a slimmer and, ultimately, healthier Kay is going to be totally different for them.

Ok, I’ll post more crazy life stuff later, but right now I have letters to write, lines to memorize, and boys to talk to(I’m kidding about that last one… mostly) before my 1 o’clock. Talk to you soon!


Starting Off The Right Way

I would just like to make note of the fact that we started the new year with a 50view day! Yay for all of you who made that happen! Each and everyone of you is my super hero. Seriously, I love you all and I’m so glad you share this with me.

So far I’ve had two days of training for the Vector/Cutco job. I’m really excited about all the opportunities available to me. I know that it’s going to be hard, near impossible, to do very much once I’m at school, but I’ve got until Monday to just absolutely kick butt! I would really like to come out of this as the top of my Training Class and show my District Manager that I’m the kind of person she wants to work with in the future. If nothing else, I’ll have the opportunity this summer to show her what kind of metal I’m really made of.

Tomorrow is my last day of initial training and my first day of appointments. I’m super excited to get this ball rolling and see what I’m capable of! Yeah, it sucks that Milton decided to break down right when I need him most, but I’m going to persevere and do my best with or without him!

Talk to you all soon!



Welcoming The New Year

I have to be honest, last night started off a little sketchy. You see, a couple of days ago my dear Milton, a 95(my BIL says 97) Civic that I love and adore, had a little hiccup. Well, it turns out it wasn’t a little hiccup. The clutch is a complete disaster and Milton is in no condition to be driven until the clutch is replaced. Luckily, BrownMan is really good with cars and is going to help me out with that. Unfortunately, that still means I have a few weeks until he’s ready to roar again.

Anyhow, last night on my way to the Bestie’s New Year’s Eve party, Milton lost it right then and there on the highway. I sat in a cold parking lot for 45 minutes waiting for my wonderful dad to come pick me up. I just sat there thinking to myself about all the things this car situation was going to mess up. I was just sure that my night was completely ruined and that I was going to have absolutely no fun as per usual. Yes, I was a bit of a pessimist last night.

I turned out to be quite wrong, actually. I had loads of fun. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard before. Adult parties are way more fun than those thrown by teenagers and college kids! We played Taboo for most of the night and there are some stories that will be rehashed for many years to come. I was also very glad to have the honor of being present for Peanut’s first New Year celebration. He was totally adorable, even if the little bugger wouldn’t sleep.

Today was equally fun. BabyBro had his 10th birthday party today! Yay! We went lazer tagging and then watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader! Loads of fun, even if little boys can get a little annoying in large doses. The movie was pretty good, better than I anticipated. I’m nervous about the direction the directors are taking the plot. The little differences between the movies and books are growing larger and larger and I think they may end up changing some of the theologies within the story as a whole. This concerns me, but I rather hope I’m wrong on this count.

Tomorrow I have my first day of training at the new gig, so I’m pretty excited. I’m also a bit nervous, to be honest. I know I shouldn’t be, but rational thoughts are almost always out weighed by my irrational ones. I guess that’s just part of the fun of being me! Wish me luck friends!