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Aiden Needs Your Prayers

*Aiden is my cousin. He’s still just a kid, not much older than LittleMan. This is really scary for his immediate family, us(his extended family), and of course himself. We would all really appreciate any prayers or good thoughts you could take time for. Thank you. There are many good things that I will take time to blog about later, but Aiden takes precedent. The following is an email from my Aunt Dana.


Hi everyone,


First off, don’t necessarily share this with your children.  We don’t know what it is and are not ready for anyone to (kids) to start asking him about it.  If Aidan brings it up with them….then it is fine.


We had a pretty bad scare in the night last night.


Brief description:  Garret was still up and heard something coming from Aidan’s room that made him check on him.  At 1:30 his  breathing was unusual and we tried to wake him but could not.  We tried for a total of up to 20 or 30 minutes before he began to show signs of trying to wake up.  He was completely not responding to us.  After the first 5 minutes or so we called 911 and the ambulance came to get him.  During that time Steve got him down from the top bunk and sat on the bottom bed holding him and we still could get no reaction.  The dispatcher said to lay him flat on the floor while waiting so Steve carried him down the stairs and put him on the floor while we waited.  He began opening his eyes occasionally but still did not respond or seem to be looking at anything.  He then at some point maybe 20 minutes into it tried to stand up so Steve walked him to the sofa and he continued to be out of it.  I’ll spare the rest of those details other than that he did not wake up while the paramedics were checking him out.  Once in the ambulance he very slowly did wake up and by the time we were at the hospital could answer questions and wanted to know why he needed to go to the hospital.


Why?  We don’t know.  It could have been a seizure or just a very deep sleep.  We were told to take him home and let him sleep.  We might have been comfortable with that ~ but after I woke up this morning, I was down stairs and heard him moaning and making some of the same strange noises that he made last night and again, would not wake to my voice or touch.  This time I let him sleep and kept checking on him.  He eventually woke but seemed disoriented and had a bad headache.  He would lay down and sleep some more and then try again to wake up.  He then after  a while came downstairs to watch tv and get his mind off of it and continued to dose on and off.  After about an hour the headache was not so severe but we did finally give him some Tylenol.


The plan:  The doctor wants to see him on Monday and they may decide to run further tests.  In the meantime we are rather uncomfortable with the idea of letting him go back to sleep.


Prayer Request:  Please pray that it does not happen again and for his safety.  Also pray for the doctor to be able to determine what it is and to know what to do about it.  We aren’t even exactly sure how to pray….but please pray!


Thanks for listening….and thanks for praying.


We love you all!


Dana & Steve and family



P.S.  You can share this with others (adults) as we are asking for prayer!


Nerdmate On The Brain

What follows is a poem that has been taking shape over the last few weeks. It needs a title. I don’t usually put poetry up here, but I actually quite like this one and it says the things that I don’t think I’ll otherwise be able to articulate.

The most important part you cannot see,

that part hidden deep inside of me,

walled up in stony prison cell,

tucked away in frozen hell.

Creeping darkness enfolds my mind,

left here waiting for someone to find

the part that seeks safe asylum

where sweet sleep can finally come

clasping answers to my prayers.

Swaddled deep within warm layers

of love soft as new lamb’s fleece

you’ve given my screaming world new peace,

catching me within long, strong arms,

putting swift silence to all alarms.

Your words do not escape my ears

as tenderly you erase my fears.

The world so much brighter with you at night.

I cannot forget you, try as I might.

As into Dreamland I slip away,

your words splay before me in beautiful array;

your gentle speech touches my soul,

igniting my heart like a burning coal.

Souls flaring into sparkling life,

easing pain caused by years of strife.

Fierce fire that cannot be quenched,

an icy grip no longer clenched,

ripping at this girl’s true potential.

Now I find that hope’s essential

as this life takes new direction.

You’ve offered the heart kind protection,

Drawing me closer, holding me tight,

creating feelings for you I will not fight.

Slowly but surely, you break down each wall,

completely sincere in your willingness to fall.

Kiss on the forehead and now I can see;

all along the blind one was me.

A Fantastic Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was awesome. It was the first time I’d had a Valentine to celebrate with, other than just friends. And it wasn’t just that I had a Valentine, the Nerdmate made yesterday pretty special. We’re “Facebook official” now, so there was no awkward “Should I get him something, would that be assuming too much, etc, etc” thinking. Saturday afternoon I asked him to be my Valentine and that evening we decided that we were officially together.

I made him lemon bars  and a homemade card. I made lemon bars, because those and my lemon cookies have always gotten really good reviews. I, however, was not sure if he liked lemon. I kept asking around and no one was sure, so I just made them anyway. It turns out that the Nerdmate really loves lemon bars. Score! I must say, his card was pretty awesome. Again, I way over analyzed it, but my new friend, The Discussant, was there to be my male supervisor for the project. In other words he helped make sure it didn’t turn out too girly. Thank goodness.

The Nerdmate was very sweet. He sent me a text yesterday morning that read, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine.” Generic, but much appreciated. We ate lunch together as per usual, but he was just extra sweet and them walked me to class. Then he surprised me at dinner. Just as he walked him, Neighbor #2 distracted me, so that I wouldn’t see the treats he brought with him. I got a super cute(and kinda funny looking) stuffed sheep(or hamster, we’re not 100%) with a balloon tied to it’s hand and a box of chocolates. We then went our separate ways(me to Astronomy and him to Opera). When I got back from Astronomy I went to the library to do homework and the Nerdmate met me there. I know it sounds lame that we spent our Valentine’s Day in the library doing homework, but I like the fact that we don’t have to make a huge deal out of it. Finally, I came back to my dorm for bed and what you know? A candy gram was waiting for me.

When people say that the sweetest things are the little things, they really mean it. I like this guy a lot and he makes me feel really special. Now, I better get going. Dinner starts in 5 and he has Opera at 6, so I can’t be late. 🙂


The Name Of The Wind

*The name of this really awesome book that The Nerdmate is making me read. 🙂

Have I mentioned how great it is to be dating a guy that is as ridiculously nerdy in a gamer/book lover way as I am? Well it’s freaking fantastic! Tonight, for instance, I’m going over to The Nerdmate’s fraternity father’s room and we’re writing up character sheets for the D&D campaign that we want to start soon. I’m going to be playing a gnome monk, if you want to know. Also, as the disclaimer about the title indicates, we have a lot in common in the literature field as well. The Name Of The Wind is one of his favorite books, he’s read it four times and plans to read it once more before the new one comes out next month. Not only is the story line wonderful, but the language of the book is supremely crafted. AND WE TALK ABOUT IT! I’ve never talked with a guy about a book. L.A. or FellowNerd might be the exceptions to this.

———–Next Day——————-

Yeah, we definitely spent the majority of the evening talking about D&D. We even gotten into a debate over the merits and demerits of the various editions. Not one, but BOTH of my parents were chiming in via text message. They are disappointed in me for playing 4e, but that’s what the guys are playing. I’m just being a good sport.

In other news,

I had a REALLY fantastic voice lesson today! We only worked on two of my songs, but those two songs are going to be beastly! Both are really beautiful and are in my middle range where I can really take advantage of my voice. Prof. A. seems really excited and for once, so am I. I feel more confident in my voice than I have in quite some time. It’s a great feeling.

My Dot, The Nerdmate and I’s fraternity daughter, has been working really hard at learning her info for the Member In Training National Test in March. She’s been having a little difficult keeping up with her info and keeping up with her schoolwork, but I have complete confidence in her ability to do fabulously. The real stress factor is that to be accepted into the Nursing Program, there are certain classes she has to pass in the first try with a C or better; she got a C on her first test in Physiology. She has plenty of time to correct the situation, but it’s really got her on edge. We’re going to work this weekend on her info and make sure we leave time for her to do other homework.

I think that’s all the exciting things happening in life right now. I’ve been really happy lately and life is treating me nicely. The Nerdmate is definitely a contributing factor, but I feel like I gush about him a lot, so I’m just going to end the post on this note: Valentine’s Day is Monday and this will be the first year that I have a Valentine. 🙂


Imagine Going Real Slow Down the Highway of Life With No Regrets

*Lyrics from “96,000” of the Original Broadway Soundtrack In The Heights.

You know how sometimes you feel like you must document a particularly spectacular moment for fear of losing it over the years? I have no fear of that happening to my memories of yesterday. It was one of the most incredible days that I can remember having. The magic was in the simplicity of the day, I think.

The day actually started with a continuation of a conversation from the night before:

Me: When we talk I feel like I could tell you anything, but I’m scared you’ll stop liking me the more you know me.

Nerdmate: I don’t think so. That isn’t how I work.

Me: How do you work?

Nerdmate: I like you. I’ve gotten to know you a little bit the past week. I still like you. I’m not gonna hold something against you.

Me: Not even if I’m damaged goods?

Nerdmate: No. No one is perfect.

Me: Ain’t that the truth.

Nerdmate: Yup. And I don’t expect anyone to be. I like you for you. That’s how it should be and that’s how it is and i want to get to know you better.

Me: You might be the first guy that I’ve felt honestly wanted to get to know me. I want you to know me better, but that will require some patience. I’ve built up a lot of walls over the years. Think you’re up to it?

Nerdmate: I’m a very patient guy.

That’s what I woke up to yesterday. It was such a relief for him to say that. Then we decided to spend the afternoon watching movies. He walked across campus, through the Snowmageddon 2011 I might add, to make sure that I made it safely to his dorm. Such a sweet guy. We watched The Terminal, because it’s his favorite movie and I hadn’t seen it yet. We sat next to each other, but didn’t touch the entire time. The whole time I was just dying for him to reach for my hand!

Well, we ended up not having time for a second movie, so we just headed to the Caf for dinner. Along the way, we decided to play in the snow. Neither of us had gloves, so our hands got really cold. He pulled a really smooth line at that point, “Here. I’ll hold them to keep them warm.”

Ok, so I didn’t REALLY count it as holding hands, because we were totally goofing off, but whatever. We sat next to each other for dinner, but he had a meeting that he had forgotten about, so he jetted off. Meanwhile, the girls had made plans for a group to hang out in one of the dorm lobbies and play games. I decided to head that way with them and await The Nerdmates promised text when he was done with this meeting. He was done by the time we actually got headed to the lobby and as he walked up next to me he reached out and took my hand right there in front of several of his ΦMA brothers.

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I swear I almost melted right then and there.

We spent the next several hours playing Apples-To-Apples and Phase 10 and Spoons and other games of that variety. The entire time he was either holding my hand or had my feet in his lap. The best part was that we seemed to be totally comfortable with each other, like we had been doing this for months if not years. I’ve never just been able to hang out with a guy and feel like that.

After the party had broken up, we went back to his dorm and watched August Rush. I was astonished. He is a Music Education major and had never seen this movie! Ridiculous. So, I took it upon myself to change this. This time around, he not only held my hand, but I rested my head on his shoulder and he then rested his head on mine.

We didn’t get to the end of the movie, though, so when he gets out of Opera rehearsal(which will HOPEFULLY be very soon) we’re going to finish the movie.

Have I mentioned that I have been exceedingly happy the last week or two? I definitely think he has something to do with this.