The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Music Festival and Conference

Music Festival

What is it?

  • Day of Christian bands performing on two stages
  • Mission Bells Fundraiser

When is it?

  • July 28th 11am-10pm

Where is it?

  • Jefferson County Fair Grounds

What will I be doing?

  • Finding Christian bands willing to play for free(If you know any in the area, let me know!)
  • Publicizing the event
  • Determining set lists and schedules
  • Organizing concession stand

So a little about my experience at the Wisconsin Annual Conference(It’s a Methodist thing):

It was great to meet all kinds of new people and experience a Conference where I didn’t know half the people in attendance. I’ve gone to Missouri’s Annual Conference several times and I was on CCYM and I knew people from the church camps, so whenever I went to a state function, I knew lots of people there. This was good, it got me out of my comfort zone. And boy did it ever.

Wisconsin Methodists are much more vocal about their theological and political disagreements. At first it didn’t bother me that much, but after four days of debating, voting, etc, it was wearing on me. I had some thought provoking discussions with people and I had to ask myself some very big questions, but the important thing is that I came out with my faith in God and in my calling intact.

Sunday morning I got to attend the Ordination service and I can honestly say it’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. It makes me very excited to get to experience it first hand someday.Also, I have to say that I give Bishop Lee some major props, her sermon had my blood pumping! She got fired up and excited, even a little emotional, and you could tell that the Holy Spirit had a hand on her that morning. What an amazing thing to experience!

All in all, good thoughts on the whole experience. 🙂



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