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The Holy Spirit GPS Says…


A little about Christian Disciple Festival! Yes, I’ve already posted about Christian Disciple Farm, and yes this is closely related, but also pretty different!

What is it?

  • Afternoon and evening activities for Christian Disciple Farm Volunteers including kayaking, swimming, frisbee golfing, volleyball, etc.
  • Nightly worship service
  • Sleep in tents at a camp ground

When is it?

  • Harnischfeger Park


  • $125

What will I be doing?

  • Inventory of supplies
  • Contacting previous volunteers
  • Promoting event to church groups
  • Preparing farm

So yesterday was a grand adventure! And by grand I mean big in a semi-disastrous-exciting way. Tada!

We had to be out of the house by 9am, roughly, for the guys to spray the house to get rid of the smoke smell from the fire. Which was totally fine, because we needed to get things ready for WISCONSIN ANNUAL CONFERENCE! So we just traveled on up to good ol’ Pleasant Valley UMC. We had our Spiritual Development time and enjoyed some meditation time(God’s been asking me to remain open to the idea of wearing a head-covering, so far I haven’t  felt the call). Then we helped clean up around the church, because next week is PVUMC’s 143rd Anniversary Dinner.

And then we hit the road! Wisconsin’s Annual Conference is in The Dells(for my reader’s from home, this is basically Wisconsin’s Branson). We were about 40 minutes into the drive when the truck breaks down. This means that our vehicle(the explorer) had to circle back. Now, on this particular stretch of road the exits are a couple miles apart, so it took a little longer than anticipated. We stopped at the first gas station we saw to re-arrange the luggage and the gear, so that we could fit Sammich into the explorer, she had been in the truck with Mrs. Director and Jay.

So we get re-arranged and turned around and we get a call giving us new instructions. We were to stop at The Pine Cone(a truck stop of sorts), drop off the passengers and unload the explorer, because Gluteus had to go pick up Sammich, Mrs. Director, Jay, and all their luggage and gear. And then we still had to wait for a rental to show up. We got lots of funny looks, asked if we were on a high school field trip(clearly not), and just generally had an interesting time.Anyway, it all worked out pretty smoothly.

Gluteus and the interns went on to the hotel in The Dells while Mrs. Director and Jay took the nice man who brought the rental out to us home. Here’s where the next part of the adventure begins. This place is MASSIVE! Apparently we’re in the water park capitol of the world. Woohoo! I didn’t realize I was signing up for this, but I’m not complaining! Unfortunately, we worked very hard at not getting lost on our way to one of the FOUR water parks at the hotel just to get there after it’s closed. Rest assured, we did eventually find one that was open and had a hot tub. 🙂 It also had this crazy slide called The Hurricane that Gluteus and I nearly died on. B-Pock was more than thrilled about this particular adventure, we’re beginning to see a rather extraordinary side to here. She was literally jumping up and down with anticipation. Haha! The slide was one of those that has a funnel type portion and I don’t think you’re supposed to be air-born at any point, but we definitely were!

AND THEN The Director showed up with the sixth and final intern, Breezy! And then he bought us ice cream, because that is The Director’s favorite food.

All in all, it just shows how you should always be prepared for the unexpected, and be flexible. That’s the number one lesson about ministry.

Also, I’d like to say that Gluteus is being generous enough to let me type this on her laptop. Which is to say, that the pictures of all of these crazy adventures and from my walk around the farm will be posted when I get back to my computer.

Until then, use your imaginations; they’re wonderful, God-given tools.


P.s. The interns are as follows: Sammich, Breezy, B-Pock, Red, and Rabbit. Then we have The Director, Mrs. Director, their son-Jay, and the intern coordinators- Gluteus, Batman, and the Firewoman. I know it’s a lot of new people to keep track of, but if I can do it, so can you!


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  1. DinoMan

    Sounds like you’re having a great time!

    June 1, 2012 at 20:46

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