The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Rocky Mountain Retreat

What is it?

  • Week long hiking adventure in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. (!)
  • Nightly Bible study and worship gatherings
  • Stay in vacation homes
  • Ages 18-35


  • July 6th-14th


  • Grand Lake, Colorado (Inside Rocky Mountain National Park)


  • $250

What will I be doing?

  • Creating meal schedule and shopping list
  • Selecting and preparing nightly Bible study/worship
  • Finalizing participants list
  • Receiving payments
  • Managing budget

I’m really excited about this one! This retreat is really about communing with God’s Creation. 🙂 We’re preparing for the strenuous hiking by hiking around the farm. 42 acres that I get to romp around in whenever I want! How fun is that?

It’s really beautiful up here. I’m hoping to take lots of pictures, so you can see what I see everyday. For now, Here’s a picture of a little guy we trapped. He was harrassing the cats and eating their food. Before we released him(away from the farm), we interns named him Ferdinand.








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