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Northwoods Mission Trip

So here’s what the next couple of posts will be: I’m going to dedicate the next posts to the major activities I’ll be participating in over the summer. That way if anyone is interested in helping in some way with some of these projects they can just comment right on the post about it and I, as an intern, can get you plugged in! 🙂

Today’s post is dedicated to our NORTHWOODS MISSION TRIP!

What is it?

  • Weeklong mission trip in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
  • Mission projects include home repairs, painting, cleaning, etc.
  • Middle School, High School, and College age groups are welcome.
  • Sleep in tents at the Grantsburg Festival
  • Afternoon activities include swimming, kayaking, and games
  • Nightly worship


  • June 24th-30th


  • Grantsburg, Wisconsin


  • $125

What will I be helping with?

  • Publicize event
  • Prepare night games
  • Prepare Bible studies for Middle School, High School, and College groups
  • Find Pastors to perform communion
  • Create meal schedule and shopping list

So if anyone wants to get involved, here’s the post to let me know! But other than that, these will be to let you know what I’m doing with my office portions of the day. 🙂



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