The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Happy Happy Birthday

To me! That’s right, folks, today is the 21st anniversary of the birth of yours truly. 🙂

So far it’s been glorious! The CMU Band was in town last night to perform on their band tour. 10 of the young men stayed here at my parents’ house, yes, Wade was here too. 🙂 It was lots of fun and they were very well behaved, not that I had any doubts.

This morning we woke up bright at early at 6am to the smell of pancakes! Dad mostly made them for the boys, but I like to think it had SOMETHING to do with my birthday. 😉 We packed them all into the various vehicles and managed to get them to meet the rest of the crew, on time even! And I stayed to see the Band off. 🙂

It was a fun way to start off the day, even if I’m not accustomed to the morning, it meant I got to wake up to The Nerdmate this morning and that was wonderful. He got me a book! The Road by Cormac McCarthy, he says it’s one of his favorites. This stuff, it’s what I love most about our relationship.

The rest of the day has been spent putting finishing touches on The Besties birthday gifts! Yes, her birthday was this month as well! We’ve probably discussed this before. Haha! I think she’s really going to like what I’ve made here! I’d show you pictures, but he has a nasty habit of reading this blog and we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. *Whispers sarcastically* She does so love surprises. Hehe! Ok, she might not, but I DO! Which is why I make her wait impatiently. 🙂 That’s what best friends are for, isn’t it? 😉

Well, I better go do something with myself, I can’t go out on my birthday of all days looking like a bum!




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