The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Christmas Vacation

There’s a been a lot of turmoil in the last few weeks, but I’m home for Christmas break and I’d like to write a post about two good things in my life.

The first, my grades! They actually turned out decent this semester. As many of you know, I made the dumb decision to embark on two foreign language journeys this semester. Spanish and Chemistry. Spanish turned out to be more challenging than I anticipated. And Chemistry wasn’t awful. I did well and I actually enjoyed most of it. Not the math. But pretty much everything else. Because of these two challenging subjects, I was greatly concerned for my grades, and more so, my GPA. Well, folks! I ended the semester with all As and Bs. To some of you this will sound like I had nothing to worry about. Others… Well, you may be looking at that and thinking, “That’s not as good as so and so…” Please keep those comments to yourself. I’m trying to be excited about my semester. I’m trying really hard to be ok with the fact that I’m no longer a straight A student. I did well and next semester will be even better! Proof that I CAN be happy AND successful! If you’re confused about that statement, don’t sweat it. Haha!

The second good, no GREAT, thing in my life is The Nerdmate. 🙂 My lands, he makes me happy! It’s been almost a year now folks and I can’t believe the things I’ve done, the person I’ve become in that time. I’ve learned so much about him, myself, life. I can’t imagine being happier with anyone else. I’ve never felt as complete as I do when I’m with him. I like the way he makes me feel. For the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I’m not scared of what my future with another person holds, I’m not scared to put my trust in him.

Right now I’m missing him a great deal. It gets harder and harder to leave him every time and I wonder if it will always be this way. The good news is, each time I grow more confident that we’ll make it through. We survived the summer and we’ve now survived two semesters together. He’ll be here on Sunday, Christmas day. What a glorious Christmas present. 🙂

He’s not really done a family holiday with my family yet. Not one where he meets the extended family. He won’t be here for Christmas Eve with my dad’s family, and he went home for Thanksgiving, but he will be meeting my mom’s family this Christmas. He’ll be coming with my family and some of our extended family for vacation the week between Christmas and New Year’s. On the way back, we’ll stop at my Aunt’s house(my mom’s sister) to celebrate Christmas with them. I can’t wait for them to meet him. I hope they like him as much as I do. If we make it to next Christmas, I hope he’ll get to meet more of my dad’s family. 🙂



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