The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Oldies Are Not Always Goodies

Once again I’m faced with the dilemma, do I write out all the troublesome events, my feelings and thoughts and risk offending and making things worse or do I lock it up. Last time I was faced with this dilemma, I went with my gut and blogged it out. You all know I use this space as my personal sanctuary/therapy. Last time it shouldn’t have even been a dilemma, because the point wasn’t even the bad things of the past, but the good and hope of the future. But that point was missed by many. Apparently I stepped on toes.

Because there was such an outcry from people related to the aforementioned previous post, I’m locking it up. Specific individuals have heard what happened and just about everyone else is sitting back and wondering why all of a sudden my brow in constantly creased and my smile is so obviously forced(when I smile at all). Well my friends, it is because once again things are not all well and good in the life of Kay. I’m in a difficult position and feeling kind of trapped.

I’m so exhausted, so tired of fighting, I feel like I’m always fighting. So, yes, I’m taking the easy way out. I’m staying put and just putting up with the way things are, because in exactly a month from yesterday I will be back at school and once again free to be me and live my life. I hate this and I can’t wait for things to be different. Thank you to those of you that have been my support system in the last week. I wouldn’t be making it through this without you.

Fear not, bloggers. I may be taking the wimp’s way this round, a small loss, but the scheming has begun. I will not be in this situation again. I will not, because I cannot. Things are going to change. One way or the other.



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