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Pillow Talk

My favorite time of the day, on the days I get to be with the Nerdmate, is when we’re alone and we’re cuddling. All manner of conversations take place in those moments. Whatever is on our hearts or in our minds comes to the surface. I love it because we feel socomfortable talking to eachother about anything and everything. Every awkward question is met with patience and laughter, every tear wiped away with gentleness and empathy, every misunderstanding smoothed away with love.

I can’t imagine anything better than the safe feeling I feel when I’m in the Nerdmate’s arms. No matter what else is going on in our lives, his arms are always waiting for me. Maybe this sounds silly or naive, but his arms are home. This is a profound thing for me. “Home” has always been a tricky word for me. I feel at home in many places, but it always feels like I’m in someone else’s home, another fixture in someone else’s life. In the Nerdmate’s arms all of that is gone. I finally feel like I’m living my own life, not just appearing in other peoples. It’s a wonderful thing.

These last two days, while a little sketchy in some ways, have been sublime. LA is here for the first time in two years. Two years. It’s still difficult to believe he’s here. I’ve missed him so much, more than I even realized until I was hugging him for the first time on Sunday. Best friends should never go this long without seeing each other. I hope in the future, we won’t have to. There is talk of my visiting him over my Christmas break, I think I can make that work. I really hope I can. Seeing LA(the city) again would be a real treat. Seeing LA(my best friend) is amazing.

This week holds so much promise. We’re already having a blast(even if I’ve been a little stressed). The boys get along pretty well, their sense of humor is fairly similar and both are willing to make comprimises for my sake. They’re so sweet! It so funny, though, because the Nerdmate has so little experience with big towns and cities and LA obviously has a lot!

I think Friday we’ll go to the zoo. That sounds like a fun idea and it will get us away from the house for a few hours. Picnic anyone? Haha!

Those of you out and about in the world for this holiday week, be safe. Those cozy in your homes and at work, I feel your pain! 😉



One response

  1. DinoMan

    Ugh. I freaking love this. It’s so true. Gotta love this feeling.

    July 8, 2011 at 23:29

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