The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Screaming In The Silence

I guess you could say I’m having writer’s block. There has been SO MUCH going on here, but every time I sit down to write a post, I come up blank. Words seem inadequate to express life, just know that it’s beautiful.

I turn 20 in a matter of days. The Bestie and I will be attending the Flogging Molly concert in KC and I’m stoked, to say the least. That will also be the week of Spring Break. I can’t wait to be home. I want to see The Bestie, I want to see Peanut. I want to see Big sis, Little Sis, and BabyBro/Littleman. I want to see my mom and I want to see my dad. I want to curl up in his arms and cry, because I genuinely miss him. I’m home every week, but I never see him.

You’re going to read this and think that there is something I’m hiding, something that’s upsetting me that I just don’t want to talk about. I can assure you that that simply isn’t the case. Life is terrific, you know, other than this bronchitis crap. I just miss my family. The more I learn about The Nerdmate, the more I realize how blessed I am. My family life isn’t perfect, at times it’s been horrible, but things are currently pretty ok and I’m thankful for that.

The Nerdmate has a difficult history. He’s more complex than most give him credit for. I like him so much more because of it. Neither of us has gone through the whole of our tails, we’ve only shared tiny pieces, but I’m not scared anymore. I don’t have to share anything more than I feel comfortable with and he’s willing to wait to hear the things that have made me the girl I am today. he doesn’t care what my past is or who I used to be. He’s interested in who i am now and he likes this girl. He thinks she’s beautiful.

So no, nothing is wrong. I will just be glad when Friday evening has arrived and I’m safely back on The Hill. I will miss The Nerdmate, he leaves for band tour on Thursday and I won’t see him until we return from break, but absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? That’s the trend thus far anyway. 🙂


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