The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Nerdmate On The Brain

What follows is a poem that has been taking shape over the last few weeks. It needs a title. I don’t usually put poetry up here, but I actually quite like this one and it says the things that I don’t think I’ll otherwise be able to articulate.

The most important part you cannot see,

that part hidden deep inside of me,

walled up in stony prison cell,

tucked away in frozen hell.

Creeping darkness enfolds my mind,

left here waiting for someone to find

the part that seeks safe asylum

where sweet sleep can finally come

clasping answers to my prayers.

Swaddled deep within warm layers

of love soft as new lamb’s fleece

you’ve given my screaming world new peace,

catching me within long, strong arms,

putting swift silence to all alarms.

Your words do not escape my ears

as tenderly you erase my fears.

The world so much brighter with you at night.

I cannot forget you, try as I might.

As into Dreamland I slip away,

your words splay before me in beautiful array;

your gentle speech touches my soul,

igniting my heart like a burning coal.

Souls flaring into sparkling life,

easing pain caused by years of strife.

Fierce fire that cannot be quenched,

an icy grip no longer clenched,

ripping at this girl’s true potential.

Now I find that hope’s essential

as this life takes new direction.

You’ve offered the heart kind protection,

Drawing me closer, holding me tight,

creating feelings for you I will not fight.

Slowly but surely, you break down each wall,

completely sincere in your willingness to fall.

Kiss on the forehead and now I can see;

all along the blind one was me.


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