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A Fantastic Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was awesome. It was the first time I’d had a Valentine to celebrate with, other than just friends. And it wasn’t just that I had a Valentine, the Nerdmate made yesterday pretty special. We’re “Facebook official” now, so there was no awkward “Should I get him something, would that be assuming too much, etc, etc” thinking. Saturday afternoon I asked him to be my Valentine and that evening we decided that we were officially together.

I made him lemon bars  and a homemade card. I made lemon bars, because those and my lemon cookies have always gotten really good reviews. I, however, was not sure if he liked lemon. I kept asking around and no one was sure, so I just made them anyway. It turns out that the Nerdmate really loves lemon bars. Score! I must say, his card was pretty awesome. Again, I way over analyzed it, but my new friend, The Discussant, was there to be my male supervisor for the project. In other words he helped make sure it didn’t turn out too girly. Thank goodness.

The Nerdmate was very sweet. He sent me a text yesterday morning that read, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Valentine.” Generic, but much appreciated. We ate lunch together as per usual, but he was just extra sweet and them walked me to class. Then he surprised me at dinner. Just as he walked him, Neighbor #2 distracted me, so that I wouldn’t see the treats he brought with him. I got a super cute(and kinda funny looking) stuffed sheep(or hamster, we’re not 100%) with a balloon tied to it’s hand and a box of chocolates. We then went our separate ways(me to Astronomy and him to Opera). When I got back from Astronomy I went to the library to do homework and the Nerdmate met me there. I know it sounds lame that we spent our Valentine’s Day in the library doing homework, but I like the fact that we don’t have to make a huge deal out of it. Finally, I came back to my dorm for bed and what you know? A candy gram was waiting for me.

When people say that the sweetest things are the little things, they really mean it. I like this guy a lot and he makes me feel really special. Now, I better get going. Dinner starts in 5 and he has Opera at 6, so I can’t be late. 🙂



2 responses

  1. Dinoman

    It TOTALLY is the little things. People also mean it when they say that cheesy is good.

    February 15, 2011 at 19:39

  2. BigSis

    Yes, cheesy is good. This is way BrownMan says I am the “cheese to his macaroni.” Gotta love the little the little things!
    *why! My phone keeps changing that!

    February 15, 2011 at 22:07

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