The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

The Name Of The Wind

*The name of this really awesome book that The Nerdmate is making me read. 🙂

Have I mentioned how great it is to be dating a guy that is as ridiculously nerdy in a gamer/book lover way as I am? Well it’s freaking fantastic! Tonight, for instance, I’m going over to The Nerdmate’s fraternity father’s room and we’re writing up character sheets for the D&D campaign that we want to start soon. I’m going to be playing a gnome monk, if you want to know. Also, as the disclaimer about the title indicates, we have a lot in common in the literature field as well. The Name Of The Wind is one of his favorite books, he’s read it four times and plans to read it once more before the new one comes out next month. Not only is the story line wonderful, but the language of the book is supremely crafted. AND WE TALK ABOUT IT! I’ve never talked with a guy about a book. L.A. or FellowNerd might be the exceptions to this.

———–Next Day——————-

Yeah, we definitely spent the majority of the evening talking about D&D. We even gotten into a debate over the merits and demerits of the various editions. Not one, but BOTH of my parents were chiming in via text message. They are disappointed in me for playing 4e, but that’s what the guys are playing. I’m just being a good sport.

In other news,

I had a REALLY fantastic voice lesson today! We only worked on two of my songs, but those two songs are going to be beastly! Both are really beautiful and are in my middle range where I can really take advantage of my voice. Prof. A. seems really excited and for once, so am I. I feel more confident in my voice than I have in quite some time. It’s a great feeling.

My Dot, The Nerdmate and I’s fraternity daughter, has been working really hard at learning her info for the Member In Training National Test in March. She’s been having a little difficult keeping up with her info and keeping up with her schoolwork, but I have complete confidence in her ability to do fabulously. The real stress factor is that to be accepted into the Nursing Program, there are certain classes she has to pass in the first try with a C or better; she got a C on her first test in Physiology. She has plenty of time to correct the situation, but it’s really got her on edge. We’re going to work this weekend on her info and make sure we leave time for her to do other homework.

I think that’s all the exciting things happening in life right now. I’ve been really happy lately and life is treating me nicely. The Nerdmate is definitely a contributing factor, but I feel like I gush about him a lot, so I’m just going to end the post on this note: Valentine’s Day is Monday and this will be the first year that I have a Valentine. 🙂



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