The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Vice President of Ritual and Fraternity Education Officer

Big titles right? Yeah, I thought so too and now they belong to me for the current semester. It’s a HUGE responsibility and it’s going to take a lot of work considering I’m already Co-Morale Officer and Service Officer for SAI, but I’m totally thrilled about the opportunity! This means that while my FratMama will be the one leading the Members In Training through their training period, I will be the one leading them through their induction and initiation ceremonies. How cute is it that FratMama and I are the two Vice Presidents? Look at us doin’ big things!

I will also be, as Fraternity Education Officer, responsible for enhancing the current members and the MITs understanding of what SAI means and what it means to be an SAI. Like I said, I’m stoked. The Roommate is ready to shoot me for adding one more thing to my schedule, but I know I can handle this. I am a little nervous about the memorization, induction is next Friday and I was just installed last night, but I used to memorize all the time for Rainbow and Job’s, so I think I can manage.

Speaking of Job’s, last night when the nominees were doing our little speeches about why we’d be good for the job, I was asked how i was with memorizing lines and I mentioned theatre stuff and Rainbow and Job’s and it turns out that Dr. Hamel used to be in Job’s Daughters! I was excited and we had a moment and it was all very exciting. She was all “I am a Past Honored Queen, thank you!” and I laughed a lot. I love that woman.

This post is all kinds of off the wall, because I’m having a really good morning, so bear with me.

This diet thing is going really well. I’ve never loved working out before, but I find I like it more every time. Being constantly surrounded by the smells of food is new and different and it has made it a little harder, but I’m doing really well. I think a big part of it is that I am already able to see the difference. My face has slimmed ever so slightly, as has my torso. Now, most people on campus can’t tell the difference, but they see me everyday. I sent a photo to BigSis yesterday and she said she could see the difference. I can’t wait to see the difference a month from now, two months from now, what my family will say when I see them next Thanksgiving, next Christmas. I’ve always been a big girl, so a slimmer and, ultimately, healthier Kay is going to be totally different for them.

Ok, I’ll post more crazy life stuff later, but right now I have letters to write, lines to memorize, and boys to talk to(I’m kidding about that last one… mostly) before my 1 o’clock. Talk to you soon!



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