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Can You Stop By The Office?

I dread those words more than anything else. I love my professors dearly, but I suddenly develop very heavy rocks in the pit of my stomach when I’m asked to stop by their offices.

Dr. W. stopped me at lunch today to ask if I could stop by his office afterward. He said he needed to talk to me. I jokingly asked if I was in trouble and he said no. I asked if this was bad news, he said maybe.

The truth is, as soon as he asked to see me I knew he wanted to talk about Chorale. It turns out that I was right. The conversation wasn’t as awful as I anticipated, though. He said he’s been talking to Prof. A.(my voice instructor) and has really been listening to me in Chorale and Jazz Choir this semester. They both agreed that I’m becoming rather strong in my Mezzo range. Prof. A. still holds that I’m a true Soprano, but I’m much stronger when I’m not on the extremes of my range.

Dr. W. has really taken this into consideration as he selects those students that will be singing in the Chorale next semester. He said I probably will not be on the list as a Soprano, he did say that there was still hope for me as an Alto. I know he doesn’t want me to be disappointed, I think he even genuinely wants to have me in his choir, but he has to think about what’s going to continue to make Chorale as strong as possible. It IS the top choir after all.

I’ll be honest with you: I am disappointed. At the same time I’m honored to have been in Chorale for even just a semester. As a member of the Chorale this semester I have sung music unlike any I’d ever performed before. I have grown in stamina and in talent. I will be sad if I don’t get selected for next semester, but I will also understand the reasoning. There are many very talented freshmen and transfer students and if they are selected instead, I will cheer them on with all my heart. I will also tell you this: If I don’t make Chorale for next semester, it will mean that I will work twice as hard in the choirs I’m a part of and in my voice lessons especially.

Those of you that knew me in high school, or at any time in my life when someone told me I wasn’t good enough or just not quite there, the only thing that does is renew my fervor to prove you wrong. Dr. W. knows that I’m talented, Prof. A. knows I’m talented, and for the first time in a long time, I know that I am talented and I’m going to do everything I can to continue to grow and develop that talent.

I love singing and I love being a part of the Conservatory. I’m blessed every day by both the students and the professors I work with and I will continue to work hard for them.



2 responses

  1. Your attitude is amazing…I wish I had more students like you!

    December 10, 2010 at 12:56

    • Kay

      Awww! Shucks! Thanks, TM.

      December 10, 2010 at 17:00

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