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Baby It’s Cold Outside

It is, in fact, cold enough outside for it to snow. Yesterday, while none of it stuck, it snowed off and on all day. This was greeted by much happiness on my part. The only problem is that as a result of the additional cold air, along with my massive amount of stress do to the up and coming end of term and my severe lack of sleep because of it, the infection that had lodged itself in my nasal cavity has made its way into my chest.

As if having 5 papers, 4 concerts, recitals, juries, auditions, finals, etc., etc. weren’t enough now I am sick. This also means that I will not be performing on recital tomorrow as planned, but will be moved to next Thursday’s block. It also means that I will sound rather scratchy and possibly squeaky for both my 2nd semester Chorale audition and my audition for the musical, The Wedding Singer. I’m not a happy camper about this.

Two weeks from today I will be home, back on The Hill for almost a month. Yes, I will also hopefully be talking to the WhiteKnight shortly after as well, but first I have to make it that far!

My Old Testament class is killing me. Really. I let myself get far enough behind that now I don’t know how I’m ever going to catch up. Thus is the danger with depression, you don’t see a reason to do your work until it’s too late. I know I will make it through the last few weeks of this class, but I might lose my mind and all capacity for normalcy in the process.

Please, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I swim the ocean that is the end of the semester. I’ll try to keep you updated, but don’t hurt me too badly if I can’t make it on here regularly for a bit.



3 responses

  1. I’ve been there, trust me. Here’s one way to deal with depression and school–let your classes become the one thing that makes sense. Cling to them. My most depressed semester in college also had some of my best grades, because those classes were the only thing keeping me focused and sane.

    Just a thought. Sending hugs.

    December 2, 2010 at 07:35

    • Kay

      Thanks, TM! That actually makes a lot of sense and sounds like something I could manage. I’m actually a little surprised I haven’t done that yet, haha. Also, I’ve decided to not audition for next semester’s musical, so that takes some pressure off.

      December 2, 2010 at 09:46

  2. Hang in there and feel better soon! Good luck with all the sruff!

    December 2, 2010 at 19:06

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