The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Back On The Hill

It feels good to be home. I definitely missed my family. Last night was LittleSis’s high school production of The Crucible. The whole family was there including the grandparentals and BigSis and BrownMan(my B.I.L.). Afterward we celebrated Dad’s birthday. He’s the big Five-O this year! Even Grandma and Grandpa are giving him trouble about that one. It’s pretty funny. As much as I enjoyed seeing some of my friends from high school, I really enjoyed the family just being together laughing and having fun. I’m now all the more excited about Thanksgiving! I’ve tried not to get too hyped up about it, but I just can’t wait!

On the flip side of the coin, I just got back from Papa’s funeral. “He was a giant of a man with a personality to fit.” Yeah, that pretty much summed him up, but he was so much more. He was one of those people that you couldn’t describe unless you used just about every word you could think of. Some twice! I know LittleSis and BabyBro took it pretty hard. I’m thankful that he was cremated, though. I know that sounds strange, but I remember when my grandfather died. I was eleven. When I saw him lying in that casket for the first time, it felt like my heart had shattered. I’m glad my siblings didn’t have to see Papa that way. he wasn’t our biological grandparent, but he was that special kind of person that adopted grandchildren and loved them as his own.

I sat in that pew this morning and held LittleSis as her body shook with grief. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her that sad, she wasn’t old enough to understand when my grandparents on my mom’s side passed. This was as close to a death in the family as she has dealt with.

Tonight the Bestie and I have a Girl Scout award ceremony to attend and I’ll be spending the night afterward. I’m glad to have some detox time with her. We don’t get to spend nearly enough time together. I’m thankful to have special people in my life like the Bestie, and the Roommate, and BigSis, and my Dad, etc that take care of me. Papa’s funeral was hard to deal with and I’m glad that I’m home so that I can surround myself with people that will be able to bring me back up.



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