The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Dove Chocolate Mysteries

Ok, so I have this thing where I give myself a little treat each day by having a piece of Dove Dark Chocolate and reading the inspirational message. Today I was doing just that and the message was: “Believe in yourself and everyone will do the same.” I thought to myself, “that’s total bull.” To make myself feel better I read the next wrapper. Apparently the Dove Muses wanted to really pound this into my head , because the next three wrappers said the same thing! No, I didn’t eat all that chocolate, I re-wrapped them and put them back in the bag like nothing happened. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be more mentally prepared for that particular message.

I’ve been having a pretty rough week. I’ve decided that I hate the Facebook relationship status thingy. It just wants to remind me how terrible I am at relationships. The guy I like and the girl he likes made it “Facebook Official” and my home page won’t stop reminding me. I took out my frustration on my AC unit. Our RHD keeps reminding us that it needs to come and we just plum haven’t had enough time. Today, I wasn’t feeling so great(I think my body is rejecting all the stress I’ve put it under) so I skipped my one o’clock. I know, bad Kay, but sometimes a girl just needs a break. ANYWAY, I used that time to fight the evil AC unit and ripped that puppy out all by myself! I was pretty dang proud. Shows you how much I need a man! I don’t.

Along those lines, I’m getting extra credit tomorrow for attending the Friday Forum on Feminism! Heck yes!



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