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Letters From Friends

A dear friend of mine mailed me a letter and, because I rarely check my mail(my bad), I just got it on Friday! Yay! This friend is a reader of this here blog and the letter addressed somethings mentioned in this blog. She is a very uplifting friend and I’d like to share some of her letter with you.

She writes:

I was reading your blog again, and in October 27th’s post you said, “Live from your heart, it will never steer you wrong,” but I can’t agree with that. I’ve tried living from my heart, and it is just too broken tobe of much use, especially at the moment. It’s been rent, ripped, and recycled into shreds. If I try to lean on it, I find not a solid wall, but a shifting curtain. If it can’t even support me, how could I ever expect my heart to steer me?

She goes on to remind me that I need to surrender all to the Heart of Hearts, the one guy that will never let me down, my Lord. I totally agree, I do need to be better about leaning on Jesus, but, friend, I think you’re missing a key element. God wants us to listen to our hearts, because that’s where He resides. He uses our brokenness to change us back into His creation. Surrender your torn heart to the Healer, and let him use you, friend! I know it’s hard, and you’re right, I CAN empathize, but we can do it, we just have to have faith in Him.

I read further down your blog and feel a great sadness weigh down upon me. Sometimes when I pass you I feel the same sadness how you hide it. I’m good at empathy. I’m familiar with the sadness that tries to turn into despair, but, Kay, there is hope! Your don’t always have to bring your own sunshine. Sometimes it is enough to bask in the rays you and those around you have already created. Look at the friendships around you- these people know tht you are beautiful, they know, for a fact, that you are a precious child of our Father! They go beyond the numbness and the silence and pray that someday your shell will he healed in surrender to the truest love ever–that of Jesus Christ.

Dear friend, you can’t have known how I needed to hear those words. It is so difficult for me to accept grace from others, especially from God, because I know how much I don’t deserve it. Thank you for reminding me that, because I am a child of Christ’s Love, the price has already paid for the gift of grace. Thank you.



2 responses

  1. You’re lucky to have such a wonderful friend. Those are the type you hold on to.

    November 9, 2010 at 17:40

    • Kay

      Definitely! More people should be like her.

      November 9, 2010 at 20:39

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