The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

The Perks Of Being A Wall Flower*

*The name of a very good book that you all should read. Rocky Horror Picture Show is more than mentioned in the story. It’s awesome. Please read it. 😉

So you’re all going to think I’m completely ridiculous and particularly special brand of nerdy, but I’m about to talk about tonight’s Glee episode!

It was The Rocky Horror Glee Show! That’s right, a whole dog-gone episode based on the musical sensation Rocky Horror Picture Show!

It was by far my favorite episode to date.

It made my, thus far, sucky week a little better.

The WhiteKnight is no more. I ended it last night. I just couldn’t handle being halfway in a relationship that was going nowhere. It wasn’t working, it hasn’t been working, and it certainly wasn’t getting fixed.

My dad sent me a text tonight that said this:

“He didn’t seem able to provide the feedback you need in a relationship to maintain healthy communication and when the communication you did have broke down, you both retreated from each other.”

I was kind of surprised that my dad caught that. He says I can thank him for that bad habit of retreating. I suppose that’s how he knows I’m doing it. I also think that maybe why he is trying so hard to keep the lines of communication open between himself and I. We had a nice long conversation last night and I talked to him a couple of times today.

Someone who has surprised me today is WK’s dad, Mr. P. He called just to check on how I was doing today in spite of everything that has happened in the last day and a half. He’s a really great guy, a terrific dad, and he has become one of the people that is really really trying to get my mind back to a healthy place. I appreciate that a lot.

Today’s insight is this:

“Live from your heart, it will never steer you wrong.”

The problem is learning to really listen to your heart. Sometimes your brain gets in the way. I’m working on it still.



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