The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

I feel Like Big Sis’s Birthday Got Overlooked. . .

Today was Big Sis’s birthday, she is 24. I love her very much and hope her day was wonderful! I’m so glad I got to spend this weekend with her.

It has been a tough weekend, though. Who knew that weddings could be so exciting?

For those of you that don’t remember, this weekend my cousin, B, got married.

I absolutely love him, he taught me so much when I was growing up. He taught me how to kind of play the piano(I was horrible and promptly forgot), he taught me how to play Sim City(which I kicked butt at), and he would tickle me until I cried. For so long it was B, M(my other cousin) , and my BigSis. Then along came this little baby named Kay. M  and Big Sis didn’t want to play with me, so B would. He was my own personal super hero. Then he fell in love with a girl, his new wife. We knew from that first Christmas that B brought her to that she would fit in great with our family. She held her own in the midst of all the crazy Irishmen.

I am so glad they got married, I want only the best for both of them. The thing about weddings, however, is that  for many of us they are often sad.

And if being sad about being lonely wasn’t enough, there was an additional surprise. My Aunt Cindy, B’s mom, had a massive heart attack yesterday afternoon just moments before the nuptials. I was terrified. Especially when my uncle, not Cindy’s husband, walked up the isle in the middle of the ceremony and told the priest he needed to wrap that shindig up. Aunt Cindy had surgery immediately and the kids needed to be there. I have never seen my Grandmother cried out of fear or saddness, yesterday I did.

I tried as hard as I possibly could to hold things together yesterday. I didn’t lose control until after I got back to Big Sis’s house last night and even then I didn’t really lose it. I called my WhiteKnight, because I needed to talk to someone. I needed comfort. What I really needed was arms around me to help me stand strong. He is so far away and he needed to get to sleep, he has classes tomorrow.

I don’t think he knows how to help me when I’m hurting, because I don’t usually let him see when I need help. That’s how I am. I have walls built up to an enormous height, but I hadn’t realized they were that high. Now when I need help, I’m sitting alone on the inside and I think he’s given up trying to break down my fortress.

The good news is Aunt Cindy is alive and on her way towards healing, but it’s going to be a long and difficult road. I would really, REALLY appreciate prayers and good thoughts on her behalf. I know that I can count on you, my blog friends, to do that for her and her family. Thank you.

Happy birthday, Big Sis. I love you.



2 responses

  1. Wishes for health and healing for everyone…

    October 18, 2010 at 07:11

  2. Thank you, ma’am!

    October 18, 2010 at 08:41

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