The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Homecoming & Midterms

You may have noticed my absence over the weekend. This was due to the overwhelming number of events involved in Homecoming Weekend. I had a terrific time with everyone and was really proud of ΣAI, the choir, the band, and even ΦMA this weekend.

As if our severe lack of sleep wasn’t enough punishment for having such a fabulous time this has been day 1 of Midterm Week. YAY ME!

I’m nervous. This morning we turned in our papers for Exploration of Christian Thought and the Study Guide was uploaded for the Old Testament exam which is to take place on Wednesday. I’m already feeling the heat and it’s only Monday.

Other than posting this update, this evening has been and will continue to be filled with lots of reading and studying. I haven’t even worked on the extra special surprise t-shirts that BloomTalley and I are making. I might, however,  do a little coloring when I’m done to cool down the ol’ noggin. I do love a good coloring session.

I’m really hoping this week goes ok, because I think that this next weekend is going to be really good. I will be staying with BigSis and BrownMan! B’s wedding is this weekend and I’m super excited! Mostly I’m just excited to get to hang out and relax with the aforementioned sister and BIL.

I still need to figure out how I’m getting back to Kansas City… I’ll work on that.

Wish me luck this week!



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