The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

CMU Band Day

Today was one of my favorite days here on campus: CMU Marching Band Day!

42 high schools, 2000+ children, judges to be hosted, directors to appease…. It’s wonderful!

It’s also all very exhausting. And cold! But it does make me wish I still played an instrument.

A quick recap on Friday evening before I turn in for bed:

Dad and LittleSister stopped by for dinner on their way through to St. Louis. We had Chinese food and a wonderfully nerdy discussion on several things including the book RingWorld. You all would love my sister.

After that I went with a couple of friends to watch The Crazies. Scary movie, people! It’s a little far fetched, and the characters are not always that intelligent, and the plot is pretty obvious, but it had that gore factor and I jsut do not go for that. Gross.

But it was a good time, because of the company I was with. Memories I will carry with me for quite a while!

Tomorrow a group of us is heading back to KC to get our fix of our drug of choice: Kc Ren.Fest.

Yes, we are addicts and we freely admit it! I’ll fill you on all the fun later. Night!



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