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Tears of Joy

Crying is not something I usually do very often, let alone in public. This semester the tears have been coming more frequently and more plentifully. I still really haven’t really cried in public.

At dinner this evening I received a very interesting phone call. It was my dad. He brought me a care package. He drove 2.5 hours to see me. He also brought me the aforementioned care package that was full of goodies from my sister, my grandparents, and my dad. Seriously, it had some really cool stuff. If I can get it to cooperate, there will be a photo attached to this post.

Also, the majority(if not all) of those 50+ hits I received today… my dad. The BioFam really came through for me today, some more than others.

My dad just wanted to hang out. BigSis wanted to come with my dad, but he wanted some time alone with me. He went with me to theater stuff and hung out in The Eyrie while I was in Exec. Meeting for ΣAI, and he came and talked with me and my nerd friends at Philosophy Club. And because he read my blog and now knows what Wednesday nights involve, he asked why we weren’t attending Jane Austen Book Club(Yes, he was even willing to go to that). Of course, the reason was that I had other stuff I had to get done, but that it’s the thought that counts.

We had a nice talk when he went to leave. He asked me about the situation with WhiteKnight and about other things I had said on this blog. We talked about how he went through and felt a lot of the things I’m going through and feeling when he was in school and how he feels responsible for my issue with talking to people about it and my issue with tears. Of course, that’s when I started crying. In public. He hugged me about seven times and held me while I cried. He said I’d always be his baby girl and I could call him to talk whenever I needed. he even said he’d drive out to Fayette again if I need it. It’s been a long time since I’ve cried on my daddy’s shoulder, I have missed that.

Upon replaying some of the events for The Roommate, I cried my first tears of joy. This was a new experience for me. I would qualify myself as a generally happy person, but never before have I been so wracked with joy that I’ve cried. Tonight it happened. In public. That makes twice in one evening. Maybe this is progress. 🙂

Thank you Dad. And BigSis. And Grandma. And Grandpa. I love you all very much.



2 responses

  1. I am glad that you had such a wonderful time! 🙂 And I don’t think that I have ever seen you cry. But chin up. As you have learned…. It’s not all bad. 🙂

    October 2, 2010 at 18:13

    • Scott- The pool of people that have seen me cry is quite small. Thanks for being such a good friend to me through all of this.

      October 3, 2010 at 00:43

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