The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Phi Mu Alpha Man Parade!

The Boys started their pledging period this evening. I absolutely adore them. This evening was a bit somber, though. Everyone got new family members. Everyone except me. I love my fraternity mama, I just wish I had more of a family. Especially right now with all the tension with my BioFamily. Apparently my cousin is getting married. Next month. Guess who didn’t know until two days ago. Me. There’s also been a lot of turmoil with friends lately, if you couldn’t tell from the last post. The Roommate and I are having issues even. The interesting part of that is that I’m pretty sure she is completely oblivious. Oh, well. Life sucks and then you die. That’s when the real party starts. I can’t wait to meet Jesus.

ANYWAY! This has been a completely random blog post about just a few of the insanities happening in my mind. Yay me! Thanks for reading.



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