The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

(500) Days Of Summer

I don’t like this movie.

I am Summer.

If you haven’t seen the movie…. Maybe that’s for the best. That way you can continue thinking good thoughts about me.

The Roommate and I just finished watching it and, as you can see from the words above, I’m in a rather cynical mood.

THUS I am leaving you with a brief interaction between myself and my good friend and mentor, Hammerlily:

Hi Kay…

Been reading your blog. Don’t know how many sentences I will have before the kidlins take over and try to type on the keyboard… so i IWILL makE IT Short..>> See… they got her`e alr`eay`… already.

Anyway. Trying harder never works with a guy. It usually doesn’t work for getting over a guy either. Burying yourself in being busy also a no go. Changing a relationship with a guy involves grieving of a sort. And so being busy just buries it till later.

Take time for yourself.

I’ve no way of knowing what will happen with you and WK. But I do know you must have chosen to take a break because you wanted to work on something for yourself. So you need to take time to get over where you were and get onto the work of going where you are going.

Hang in there youngling. Many people love you and are rooting for you. And I’m in that bunch.



First, let me thank you for two things. 1) Taking the time to read my blog and 2) taking the time to message me about it. I know you’re busy with the three new loves of your life(She has three new boys). It means a lot to me.

Second, you’re right. I’ve reverted back to the way I dealt with things in high school and I don’t like it. Don’t get me wrong, my junior and senior years were a blast and I’m so glad I got to experience all the things that I did, but my heart was dying. Everything was about pleasing everyone else and proving that I had my stuff together.

I don’t need to prove anything. Like you said, I have a whole squad of cheerleaders all to myself. There are people like you that love me and are honest to God rooting for me. But when my heart began to break again, I resorted to my old ways.

Third, another thank you, for caring enough to give me constructive criticism. Most don’t do that. I get a lot of agreement and a lot of “you’re doing this, this, and this wrong.” Those don’t help me heal.

I love you too, you’re a great role model.



One response

  1. Bestie

    It’s really breaking my heart to watch you suffer like this. Everytime I read you blog I cry because you are hurting so much and I can’t fix it for you. I know you did the right thing with WK by going on the break and I wish you could step back in my shoes and see it too. I love you more than you know. I’ve never has a sister, but I have you. Please stop hurting yourself with your trying to please others. It isn’t about them. I also have a couple of ideas about the mood swings, so text me and I’ll fill you in. I love you.

    September 13, 2010 at 05:12

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