The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

A Literary Genius

Of  whom do I speak?

The answer is, quite simply, Jane Austen.

This evening was the first night of the new Jane Austen Book Club on campus. I’m incredibly excited about it, because Pride&Prejudice is my ALL TIME favorite book. I love Ms. Austen’s writing style and the way just about anyone can jump into the place of the main character in her books. We are, of course, starting with Pride&Prejudice. We haven’t quite decided where to go from there. We may read another Austen novel, or we might try Pride&Prejudice and Zombies. We might even try a novel by a Bronte or two.

Because I love Pride&Prejudice so very much, and because the paper back volume we used when I was home schooled is now falling apart due to frequent use, I got it into my mind that I wanted a nice copy of this beloved tale. I’ve been looking for one and things were always the same, either I couldn’t find a hard bound copy or I couldn’t justify the cost. This evening, however, was different. My good friends, The Gingers, and I took a trip to Barnes&Noble. There, after much searching and plenty of laughter, we stumbled upon a leather bound anthology containing seven novels by Jane Austen. The best part: it only cost me twenty dollars. Now, that’s a lot for a college girl that is struggling with financial complications, so I called my mom. She told me to get it. She didn’t hesitate, so I spoiled myself.

Today has truly been a fantastic day. I spent quality time with Ms. Austen and The Gingers, I cleaned my dorm room, I talked to the WhiteKnight, I talked to his father, and I had tasty pumpkiny coffee! There are many other factors that contributed to this wonderful day, but right now I am so tired that I can’t remember. I hope that God continues to bless me with more days like this.


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