The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Baby Don’t Worry, You Can Stand Under My Umbrella

Let me start by saying that I’m sorry for not posting last night. Now let me tell you why that was: my weekend was JAM-PACKED full of awesome adventures. As you know, Friday was Little Sister’s very late birthday party. Saturday we took my God-son, Peanut, to the zoo for the first time. It was very exciting! We even got to see the new polar bear, Nikita!!!! YAY!

Then my dad’s fraternity brothers all got together with their families for a BBQ. It was pretty fun, but at times a little awkward hearing the some of their stories. Also, they all referred to each other by their last names. Then Big Sister and I met Big Sister’s brother on the other side(Big Sister is my half sister) and his girlfriend and went down to Irish Fest at Crown Center. It was amazing! As my sister so brilliantly said, “All these people here to celebrate our heritage. How nice of them!” Haha, I love her! There was also this really weird country band from Nova Scotia. The lead singer kept saying their music had a “Gaelic twist,” but I didn’t hear it. It was just plain odd. After Irish Fest, we headed over to Buffalo Wild Wings to meet my brother-in-law, Brown Man, because he had just gotten back from an Omaha car thing. Needless to say, we got back to their houseĀ  incredibly late and I was very thankful that the guest bed had been set-up already in their brand-spanking-new house. Today we all slept in and it was quite nice even though I missed church. I think God will understand. I mean, I don’t get to see Big Sis that often. Then this afternoon, I met Bestie and Peanut for Santacaligon Days. It’s a HUGE street fair that happens every year over the four days of Labor Day weekend. We always go and look at the cool crafts and stuff. We drove out to her grandma’s house and picked up The Cool Mom and Bestie’s grandma, leaving The Cool Dad and Bestie’s grandpa to install the new vent over the stove, and drove over to the fair. We had lots of fun and, surprisingly enough, got away with basically just buying food. We were quite proud of ourselves. Then Bestie, Peanut, and I went over to our good buddy The Ginger Kid’s house. The Ginger Kid and The Wifey were having a “bonfire.” I’m not sure you can qualify it as a bonfire, but we had fun hanging out. All-in-all, it was a fun, exciting, and highly random weekend. Tomorrow I’ll be heading back to school with Mama O and Daddy O.

If you made it through the mess above, CONGRATULATIONS!!! That means you can now officially understanding “Kayla Speak.” As you can see, it’s been a long weekend. I wish the post was longer and more detailed, but I wanted to get all of the events into a post before I forgot. NOW I’m going to go get a decent night’s sleep! Hooray!



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