The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Vacation Bible School

The much-anticipated week of Vacation Bible School has arrived here at Grandview UMC and things seem to be going pretty well. I have to tell you, in the past I never knew how much work the director of VBS did. I now know, being the director, that all these years I have been seriously under-appreciating those fine men and women. It is hard stuff. Keeping kids happy, keeping adults happy, making sure we have all the supplies, that everyone knows their scripts and jobs. Last night was night 3 of 5 and I’m already exhausted.

But honestly, I wouldn’t trade it for the world.On top of being the director, I’m the Celebration leader. What that means is that before and after the kids go visit Ancient Egypt, they come visit me and my partner in mischief, Sarah. Sarah talks to them about what they’ll learn on a particular day, reads them the days Bible verse, and gets them excited. I have the really fun part. I teach the kids dances and songs. I’m sure I look like a fool sometimes, I know the older kids think they’re “too cool” for some of it, but it’s worth it. The younger kids absolutely love it and if I look and sound excited, then they will too. I think even deep down inside, those older kids get excited too.

The internship is almost over. Today is my last day in the office and the close of VBS tomorrow night officially ends my internship. However, I will be at church on Sunday for the VBS recap and on August 15th I will preach for the last time this summer. It’s a little sad, but I’ve learned a lot this summer. Pastor Sue and Alessa have taught me so much about what it takes to keep this place moving. The ladies that come in on Tuesdays and Thursday for excercise class, they have taught me to really enjoy my youth, to get out there and do things I’ve never done before, even if it is a little scary. And most importantly, the kids. They have taught me more than I probably taught them. I’ve learned a lot about patience this summer. It was something that I never had much of before. They also taught me that “perfection” isn’t always what I think it is. Sometimes perfection lies in the messy chaos, sometimes in the mistakes, because those are the times that we really learn about ourselves and about God.

Thanks for all who have read this blog this summer. I’m going to keep it going through school to let the world know how I’m doing with my studies and life in general. Hopefully I’ll even learn more about what God has planned for me.


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