The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Will It Never End?

The answer, more unfortunately, is no. Until the very end, there will always be moments of sadness and grief side by side with moments of joy and triumph.

I’m writing to you this morning from my parents’ dining room. It is the morning of Grandma Mary’s funeral. She was an amazing woman, strong in her faith and feisty as anything. In my childhood she was the cook at the daycare I attended and as I grew, so did our friendship. Grandma was not a blood relation, not a member of my legal family. She was, however a member of my church family, those ties sometimes stronger than blood or legality. She was there to comfort me when my grandma and grandpa died, she was there to give me advice when our family moved towns. She watched me grow and change, saw me go through terrible pain and heartache. She never lost faith in me, no matter how far I strayed. She had a special place in my heart and I know she would say the same about me. I’ll miss her very much.

Pastor Sue said she wants me to help officiate the ceremony this afternoon. Grandma’s family said that they think Grandma would have wanted it that way too. It’s a surreal moment and I find myself unwilling,…unable… maybe both, to walk out the door and drive to work like it’s just another day at the office. I pray that I have the strength to do this, even if that means the strength to stand before Grandma’s family and friends and cry like a baby.

If you’re reading this, keep all those that know Grandma Mary Gordon in your prayers.


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