The life of a not so average girl doing not so average things.

Fun And Games

Oh, my adoring-nonexistent-readers! How I have missed thee!
But seriously, folks, I apologize for my lack of blogging and if anyone is out there reading: I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!
Herein lies the issue: I don’t have access to the internet while at church, because my firewalls are too strong for the system and they’re fighting. Not a big, except that the Rev. came by the parsonage yesterday and took the modem I had been using. Again, not a big deal, I’ll live without the web and cable, but it means my posts will be delayed until weekends that I’m at my parents’ house.
In other super-exciting new, I FINALLY HAD KIDS SHOW UP FOR THE CARETAKERS’ CLUB! I was extremely excited. Granted, there were only two children–Luke and Rebekah, plus my best friend’s newborn, Peanut–but we had fun and I felt like the kids had fun as well.
This week we made eco-wise terrariums using recycled two-liter bottles.
Our design: Cut a two littler bottle in half. File the bottom with pea gravel and sand about three inches thick. Then use potting soil and plant a small something such as an ivy or moss. After you’ve watered it, place the top half of the two-liter bottle on the bottom half with the lid securely in place. The sand and pea gravel will trap excess moisture and allow the plant to access water from below, while the two-liter bottle top with trap condensation from above. Just unscrew the cap to add water to the new ecosystem as needed.
We also painted our GREEN footprints on reusable shopping bags to show that we are replacing carbon footprints with GREEN footprints. The kids really liked making “footprints” using the balled up side of their hands. All in all I think they had fun this week and I’m hoping more children will join us, but if not I will still do my best to make it the best two hours of Luke and Rebekah’s week.

I’m quite excited about the upcoming holiday weekend. As per the norm, my parents are throwing a huge 4th of July bash at their place. As I’m still living there part-time I will be helping out. This past Monday I spent my day off mixing up the sauces, rubs and mops for the BBQ. What I didn’t get done, I will finish tomorrow evening. Saturday, when my mom and I aren’t at cantata practice, will be spent making sure the house is spotless and then Monday we’ll have to clean the after-effects of the party. It’s always a huge hassle and some years I wonder if it’s worth it, but a good time is always had by all.
This year will be a new experience for me. My older sister and her husband will be out of town and the majority of my friends are reveling in the college experience. In other words, everyone’s kind of doing their own thing. I suppose this is what it’s like to be an adult, with friends and family all spread out and a sense longing for the way things used to be. In any case, I’m sure Sunday will prove to be full of fun and excitement of all varieties.

May you all stay safe and have a blessed holiday!


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